Winner of "Shattered Sky, the movie" contest (1 of the 5 first prices)

| Posted in | Posted on 16.6.12

I've been choosen to be one of the 1st five winners of a design contest organised by the "Shattered Sky" movie. The goal was to design a DVD cover/poster. 5 different covers will be used as DVD packages, one of them will be my entry! I'm very proud and honored to have been choosen :) For more informations about this movie, visit their facebook

As you can see in my design, half of the Earth is dying from pollution (Europe, USA, China etc) but there is still hope symbolised by the brigh blue of the sea around Africa. It's not too late.. YET.

SHATTERED SKY is a campaign to restore a can-do attitude in the US so the world can solve climate change and transition to clean energy. It is based on the 2012 documentary film of the same name.